Ever since Kylie Jenner started the whole “fuller-the-better- trend” we have all being searching for for the latest and the greatest lip products and procedures, that will help us achieve that same plumped up look for our pouts. We know kylie’s lips are the result of injections- but one of the latest trends is nearly as extreme: Lip tattoos.

What does everyone know about lip tattoos?

Since our Clinic and Salon owner Karan trained in this semi permanent procedure back in 2015, we taught it was time to sit down and learn more about the latest on trend lip procedure. Here are the most important things you should know if you decide to enter the world of semi-permanent make-up according to karan.

So is this the new way to achieve fuller lips?
Lip tattoos are meant to enhance your lips, they will give you the illusion of fuller lips as I outline the whole lip border in the first step of the procedure but it doesn’t create volume or increase the lip size. It’s all about the illusion created through my technique and the colour used.

How long does the procedure take?
The length of time I spend depends on each individual , the treatment can vary in many different ways.
If someones natural lip shape requires a correction, if someone has had previous semi-permanent work to thier lips,  or if someone has had lip fillers.

These are all general reasons it my take longer to treat the lips.

In general it takes 2hours if it’s a basic lip liner and blush or if its a full lip with full colour it can require 3 hours. I never put a time down until the initial consultation.

Is it tattoo ink used?
Years ago permanent makeup was applied with regular tattoo ink ( this is why, they often looked so unnatural )but most clinic’s now use pigment. Pigment is thicker in consistency, fades quicker than traditional ink, it’s iron oxide free and the finish is softer, we see a more powdery finish.

Is it painful?
I find every individual is different and levels of discomfort will always vary. I do use a topical numbing agent to control any discomfort for my clients and with eyebrows alot of them feel no discomfort throughout the whole process but with lips they are so vascular which leads to more sensitivity.

Does the colour last forever?
Pigment once tattooed into the skin will always remain in the skin whether its visible or not to the naked eye. However pigment will fade over time and this is why we recommend a top up every 12-18 months.

What is the cost?

We charge €495 for a full lip treatment including a top up 6 weeks later.

To book a consultation call our Clinic on 01-2987810 or email enquiries to the clinic@ebano.ie