Each and everyday more and more of our clients are setting hair goals, they understand cloning a celebrity picture may take time but they want to know how soon it can be achieved with minimal damage. So here are a few tips to take into account when setting your #hairgoals.

We all know that you can’t repair split ends, you can use products and treatments that will protect further splitting, it may even help your hair grown down so you can justify that over due trim but really the only way to transform a damaged mane to grow into a healthy, strong mane is to protect, revitalise and minimise any further damage by educting your clients…..

Rachel one of our REDKEN colour specialist in ebano ballinteer educates us on avoiding the two main causes of dry, dull, brittle or stressed hair and explains the benefits of assessing her clients hair condition, texture and moiture content each and every time they return for a visit.
We have seen rachel transform fluff into full fabulous locks within 12 months in the salon so read on for the mane attraction.


Do you know the effect of mechanical and chemical damage to your hair asks Rachel?

Physical or mechanical damage is the most common type of damage I see to my clients hair, it’s easy nowadays to create simple up styles, braids or buns with the help of the Internet but it’s not as simple to take them back down without causing split ends or bad breaks. This is where mechanical damage is caused.

My advise would be, yes continue to be adventurous with new hair styles but be caution when your pinning the hair too tight or using excessive pastes or pins as they all should come down as simple as they go up. While I would recommend a loose braid to sleep in to most of my clients, please make note that a pinned upstyle shouldn’t be kept for a couple of days as sleeping with twists and curves in the hair, along with a full night of friction will result in damage we can only measure.

Then we have chemical damage, chemical damage is a thing of the past in most salons since moving away from relaxers and perms, Redken have taught us how to protect the hairs natural integrity whilst using colour, bleach or highlighting. Though their is many people still mis-using colour or cutting corners that results in a change in the chemical and physical structure of the hair, you will notice if your hair has not being managed properly as it will be drier, brittle, frail and what we mostly see when strand testing new clients is how vulnerable their hair is to breakage. This is all the cause of chemical damage and can easily be avoided if your colourists operates for strength and protection over speed and neglection.

If your serious about your hair health request more information on additives such as Olaplex and Chemistry Phase treatments.My advise is to choose a colourist that will take time for a consultation before each visit and one that will take time to educate you on how also important your homecare is.
There is no point following all the necessary steps and not reaching your hair goal, it’s like everything else you won’t achieve ur dream body with poor diet, hair goals so t be achieved by one salon treatment every six to eight weeks