The best hair extensions are the ones that no one comments on because they are so seamless everyone assumes it’s just your actual, real hair — stick to it.

Such is the case, we discovered, with Gold Fever – the latest and greatest premium hair extensions brand getting the hair industry in a tizz. The ladies at ELLE love a good hair transformation so we were eager to see what they thought, based in the UK. They did so in the safe hands of extensions expert Vicky Demetriou (with a client list that includes Kristen Stewart)Two months on, they can definitely vouch for their superior quality and super-natural finish plus now agreeing that you will not live without them once you catch th fever.

Eight things you need to know about Gold Fever:

1. The brand’s founder is Katie-Jane Gold who’s brother founded Great Lengths, so needless to say they’re a family who know a thing or to about hair extensions. The great news is, the Gold family have complete control over the manufacturing of the hair and can make sure its 100% ethically sourced and the absolute best quality.

2. They’re applied using a unique protein tip to make the process safer, more secure, quicker and versatile. By protecting the natural hair, it can grow healthily beneath the bonds. The bonds themselves are tiny, barely detectable even in a high ponytail. To get into the nitty gritty, nerdy detail, the Gold Fever Protein tips mimic the molecular structure of natural human hair much more closely to regular keratin bonds due to an advanced protein formula. They expand, contract and pretty much behave just like normal human hair when wet or dry, making them much safer to style too.

3. They have a range of lengths, from 10 inches to 22 inches, and a huge range of colours. So whether you have very short hair and want a little bit of length and volume, or you want really long Rapunzel-esque hair, Gold Fever can do it.

4. The logistics: they take three hours (give or take depending on how much you’re having applied) and can last 5-6 months with diligent care. Its wise to go back to the salon every 6-8weeks for a maintenance check.

5. By diligent care we mean washing with a sulphate free shampoo, drying the bonds thoroughly before styling the lengths to avoid any breakage at the root, brushing them like you’re brushing a child’s hair and tying them into a low pony every night to prevent any tangling.

6. The thing that really stood out for us was the quality of the hair. Unlike most hair extensions that taper off towards the end, Gold Fever is the same thickness from top to bottom. You will have an absolute mane of hair.

7. You can cut and colour it like regular hair, but only do this at a Gold Fever salon so you can be confident they’ve trained extensively with the hair.(Ebano Ballinteer are one of the exclusive salons in Dublin to offer Gold Fever Hair extensions)

8. The removal process always sounds scary, but these are removed using a specially formulated solution that gently breaks down the protein tip and the extension simply slides straight out of the natural hair. This means no damage to your own hair.

The only warning you should heed is that these hair extensions are so great you may find yourself becoming a little addicted (we’re already saving up for a reapplication in two month’s time).