What Is The Nail Trend This Winter?!?

When it comes to nails, we are always looking for something new. We don’t normally consider the nail to be majorly affected by trends but lately this has changed. Much like the rest of the beauty looks from clothes to shoes, the accessories and make-up and hair. The nails are an essential part to completing a general outfit, either it be jazzing it up or toning it down!.

The most common nail shapes are Rounded, Square Squoval or Almond.


Darkest Of Dark Polish

Beauty trends are veering towards some really dark hues for lips, the nails are also seeing a gothic overhaul, giving a simple manicure a more sinister look. We love black polish and the darkest of greys, some really dark purples and others with a hint of black.

Slivers of Silver

All silver nails for winter are expected to be gleaming metallic or chrome. The squoval short nails are beyond attractive with the chrome base, while the golden addition of a half moon at the cuticle which is hard to ignore. This really makes a statement to such a short nail or a long pointed nail.

chrome nails


Glitter Manicure Is Your Best Friend

Ahhhh!!… There’s glitter everywhere!!!

Shimmers and glitters are all over the place from shoes to hand bags and especially nails.

A glittered nail is a happy nail!

Everybody loves a sparkle in there life. Glitter is a great way to even spice up your nails or even an outfit for a night on the town !