Oxidative stress is one of the primary causes of premature ageing as it increases free radical activity in our skin leading to inflammation resulting in all sorts of ageing concerns.   So in order to slow down the ageing process and achieve a healthy, youthful radiant complexion, we take a closer look at antioxidants and how they can help correct, protect and maintain fabulous skin and fight against oxidative attack.

Antioxidants are our first line of defence to stop free radical damage.  Chronogical ageing equates to approximately 20% of ageing and Extrinsic ageing influenced by external factors equates approximately to 80% which is highly controllable with a simple daily skincare routine that includes daily UVA protection, exfoliation and the use of antioxidants to stimulate collagen.

So lets look at a few of the all important antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients to get you started.

VITAMIN C is first and foremost a premium support for collagen, it is advisable to apply it topically each and everyday as well as taking an oral supplement. However, applying Vitamin C to the skin daily is 20 times more effective than ingesting it according to Image Skincare.  When topically applied, Vitamin C provides skin rejuvenating effects by improving collagen synthesis, lightening pigmentation and protecting cells from free radical activity.

STEM CELLS are the building blocks of your skin. They have a unique ability to elongate the life of cells hence keeping you looking younger for longer.

HYLAURONIC ACID is not a fad ingredient, quite the contrary, it’s one of the most extraordinarily beneficial ingredients for all skin types. Simply put, hyaluronic acid has powerful anti-aging properties and is also one of the premier hydrating ingredients for all skin types.  Keep one on the ready at all times.

AHA’S come in all forms and are highly effective exfoliants, skin plumpers and skin rejuvenaters.  Used primarily for their anti-ageing benefits and for treating imperfections as well as giving a glowing skin.

PEPTIDE technology in skin care is becoming increasingly popular. Peptides work to enhance natural processes, such as stimulating collagen production and blocking the enzymes that destroy elastin to help skin remain firmer and more radiant.  Peptides act a communicators between cells and often used to mimick botox without the use of a needle.

Retinol, a favourite ingredient and one of the most results driven on the market, Retinol does basically what it say on the label and the benefits for the skin are incredible.  Everyone from the age of 30 should be using some form of topical retinol on their skin.  It is well documented that Retinol decreases wrinkle depth and volume, stimulates collagen, thickens the dermis and increases cell turnover for a younger plumper skin.

So, just how does these superstar ingredients  work to deliver supple, healthy-looking and less-lined skin?

The answer is based on the science of skin and modern technologies and is truly remarkable.  Amongst others, antioxidants  play an important role and all work in synergy to achieve optimum skin health. These active ingredients can be layered or mixed and if used correctly can provide amazing results.  Look out for these super ingredients and in no time your skin will say a huge thank you.


A good healthy diet is first and foremost as I believe in “we are what we eat”, secondly start reading your labels, know what you are looking for, research the company so that you know you are purchasing good quality active ingredients and lastly seek advice from a reputable Skin Specialist.

Getting professional advice from a Skin Specialist as well as using good actives at home to prepare the skin is always recommended prior to embarking on any Clinic treatment.  Here at The Clinic, we offer a range of professional  peelings and treatments to leave your skin firm and revitalised and to combat the effect of oxidative stress.