Jennifer @Ebano Ballinteer explains why it’s important to detox your locks as much as the rest of our bodies.

“Over the past few months, a lot of my clients concerns seem to be repetitive and it brought me to note a few quick and easy tips to help you achieve long healthy hair and scalp this coming summer! Not everyone knows tap water contains a multitude of sins. Water is notoriously high in minerals, rust and chlorine which can seriously effect the longitude of your colour and even your  virgin locks. Here’s my  top tips to achieve ultimate hair health this summer”.

Q1. How do I tell if it’s time to detox my hair?

Rub the end of your hair strands between your fingers, does it feel a little synthetic or brittle? Has this tiny test caused your hair some breakage? If so, it’s time to detox those locks….

Q2. Is this what’s causing my hair to change colour after only a few washes or weeks?

Yes, rust is one of the main reasons your hair tends to warm up, leaving you with more yellow tones than you had wished for. Product build up can be blamed on your hair becoming flat, dull and even leaving a coating on the hair which prevents any moisture from penetrating your strands. The ends which we wish would grow faster, get the brunt of the deposits because they are most porous and damaged, which gives an uneven deposit of your hair colour. A good detox would help retain more moisture which in return will help your colour last longer.

Q3. So how can I detox and help maintain my colour that I leave the salon with?

Use a hair cleansing shampoo at least once a week depending on how frequently you wash your hair. Redken’s hair cleansing cream is our favourite. *Ensure you shampoo twice, once to rid any product build up, unnecessary chemicals or pollution and then once to wash your hair & cleanse your scalp. Follow with a conditioner, this closes the hair follicle and leaves your hair more resilient to change.

Q4. How important is my homecare?

Your homecare is essential for you to achieve the longevity of your hair colour regardless if your blonde or dark, but it really does depend on what your homecare consists of?

The shampoos and conditioners we find at the supermarket are appealing for obvious reasons. They’re affordable, convenient, and we love all of their different scents. But what makes them so affordable may be cause for concern. Although supermarket shampoos do contain high-grade ingredients found in salon products, they only contain small amounts of them. They typically contain chemicals, which can strip your hair of its natural oils, essentially drying it out. They’re also known for diluting their products with fillers. These tend to make your hair feel super soft, but can also leave behind a waxy build-up. Basically, your hair feels soft but isn’t actually hydrated from within.

The reason salon shampoos tend to be on the pricier side is because they are highly concentrated with high-grade ingredients. They often consist of vitamins, oils and minerals that are truly nourishing, yet too pricey to exist in most supermarket store options. These shampoos also include less fillers than their supermarket brands, preventing that waxy build-up and instead, hydrating from within. Because these premium shampoos are more concentrated, you don’t need to use as much to see results or maintain the hold of your colour.


*Your hair care routine should never consist of more than four products. Always remember maintaining your colour is just as important as your colour application in salon. Why not ask for some professional advise and homecare when your visiting Ebanoballinteer next and see if you notice a difference.