We are obsessed with K Beauty the fastest growing trends in skincare that are now only reaching mainstream popularity in Europe.  Even if you know nothing else about Korean beauty trends, you’ve probably at least heard of sheet masks and if you haven’t then let me be the first to tell you of the amazing benefits of using sheet masks.  Firstly, what is K beauty? It is Korean beauty and comes with it the latest technologies and life changing skincare trends to help us boost our anti ageing regimes.  Hot of the press is MASKING,  in other words sheet masks, although relatively new to us, facial sheet masks  have been a stable for Korean women for centuries , although its almost impossible not to find a sheet mask it is important to find a good quality brand that actually does what it says on the tin.  However, as we divulge deeper into what works and what dosen’t for our skin, Image Skincare have come up with  a 4th generation biomolecular hydrogel mask to give us a set of great benefits including hydrating and restoring a natural glow to the skin.

This 4th generation mask sheet is make from algae and carob tree, it sets itself apart from various other masks on the market in that it infuses skin with a unique fusion of volcanic water, brightening botanicals peptides and antioxidants offering great anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits.  Certainly a must-have for anyone wanting a quick hydrating and plumping fix or any skin needing a little nourishing or tlc.


The true power of the sheet mask lies in the mask sheet itself.  The Image mask is formulated using algae and carob tree infused with quality skin nourishing formulas.  More specifically, its lies in the sheets ability to prevent evaporation, providing intense hydration than just a typical serum as you are applying and leaving it to work for 15 – 20mins.   All the hydrating, calming and brightening goodness absorbs deeper into your skin achieving the glow of an intensive facial treatment in a tiny little packet that you can pop in your bag and take just about anywhere.


Unfortunately, sheet masks is never fit one for all.  What I do is cut the mask in 3 forehead, mid and lower face, alternatively as per instruction on packaging, apply whole to the face.  This way you can apply it more effectively and even out any air bubbles or folds.  Apply the hydrogel mask gel side to the skin, smooth any air bubbles  then remove the top  fabric  leaving the gel mask in place.  After 20-25 minutes remove and discard. Allow the skin absorb any of the excess residue left on the skin.


These masks are safe to use as and when and in particular when your skin needs  hydration or nourishing.  You can request to have them added to your treatment in the salon particularly post microneedling, chemical peels or venus freeze.  But in general they are there to give you a much need skin boost, especially before any occasion.


For a box of 5, it is €52.50

Single mask is €11.50


Available now in The Clinic to buy in boxes of 5 or individually.