If you were to look up the dictionary for the definition of serums, it defines serums as light weight moisturisers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin.  I totally agree as serums have become my holy grail when it comes to skincare products that aid in my pursuit to slow down the effects of ageing and keep my skin hydrated and healthy.  Even though our skin cabinets are equipped with essentials like moisturisers and sunscreens, we are slowly integrating  serums into our beauty regime.   Although adopting face serums can bring with it a hefty price tag, sales pitch at department stores, uncertainty and cynicism, your choice of serum needs to reflect your skin concern in order for you to see a difference and get the most out of your product.  It is therefore advisable to get expert advice when choosing.


I believe serums to be the hardest working product.  Serums contain a much higher proportional concentration of active ingredients and is designed to treat a specific concern. They are lightweight moisturisers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into the skin.  They can be applied on their own, mixed with other serums, added to moisturisers and to your SPF.  Serums also enhance the benefits of moisturiser so using them together means your whole regime is working harder.


Depending on the results you wish to achieve the main ingredients to look out for are antioxidants, anti inflammatories, hyaluronic acid amongst others.  For example if you wish to have brighter luminous skin, opt for a serum with Vitamin C to stimulate collagen or if you want hydration opt for a serum with hyaluronic acid to plump the skin.  If you want to target blemishes or unbalanced skin opt for ingredients such as retinol and salicylic acid to speed up cell renewal and to balance the skin.


A serum can be applied morning or night or both after cleansing and just before moisturising.  It is not always necessary to apply with a cream as it can be used on its own, although works very well together, your skin will dictate which is the best option.  Normally a pea size is enough depending on the formula.  Apply serum to finger tips and with tapping motion to clean slightly damp skin.  The neck and decollate should always be treated when applying serums to the face.

The all important rule – avoid over using the product.  The common misconception is the more you apply the better the result, not entirely true, less is best as serums are typically very concentrated, a little ones a  long way


Firstly decide what your concern is, decide what result you wish to get from the product.   –  My favourite picks are listed below and with these serums, I find clients come back time and time again to restock so they are proven to work!

I’ve chosen one for brightening, hydrating and anti-ageing, all three serums can be mixed or applied separately.

  • Image iluma serum

A lightweight oil-free serum that addresses skin discolouration and redness using a blend of brighteners and Vitamin C to correct and brighten all skins.  If you are looking for the fresh-looking complexion, this serum is one for all.  It can be used on the most sensitive skin and paraben free.

  • Hydrating

No skin is a healthy skin without hydration, so I’ve chosen the Juliette Armand Hydra Antitox serum for its powerful moisturising properties.  It contains a blend of hyaluronic acid with various molecular structures to generate at different depths in the skin to give you a super hydrating boost.  You will feel the tightening affection immediately following application and will keep you hydrated all after application.

  • Anti ageing

Grow old gracefully with Image toal anti-age serum, this ageless beauty in a bottle.  This unique cosmeceutical blend of AHA’s and apple stem cells gives us no choice but to firm up.  It combats the visible signs of ageing and protects the skin against oxidative stress and gives the skin a luminous glow.  Tried and tested this one hangs out in my beauty cabinet.

The conclusion I’ve come to with regards to serums and with me experimenting with and without one is that I cannot live without a serum, I mix them together, add them individually, to moisturisers and often layer them depending on not skins need on the day.  They are now an integral part of my everyday skin regime and without them, I do to believe I would have the glowing skin I do today. Particularly with the continuous external and internal attacks on our skin on a daily basis.  So, if you choose to join the anti ageing brigade and are looking to go the extra mile with your skincare, invest in a skin serum that is recommended for your skin type and that will deliver a firmer, smoother texture to your skin and as always consult a skin expert that will give you an accurate analysis of your skin and prescribe the best serum for you.