Summer season is upon us and so is the dreaded bikini thought for most of us that are hard hit by uneven and poor skin texture on our legs, bums and tums, the all too common words we hear in the gym with every visit.  However, in my head as I’m sure most of  the female population can identify with me is that most mirrors are for sure not female friendly.  Most stores bring out the worst and make us feel just awful, however, one tip I discovered recently and want to share with you is that River Island mirrors are the best, they make you look just perfect.  I know I just pop in there to make sure I’m still in tact when the others tell a different story!!  So when you need a bikini fix or simply maintain or prevent cellulite or the skin losing its tone, we do have an answer here at The Clinic.

Firstly, let’s have a look at what causes it and why we are all obsessing about fixing it, what can be done about it and keep it under control?

  • Why we get cellulite and loss of tone?

Firstly there is nothing wrong with having it, nearly every woman has it no matter what size you are and often said by the experts that it is hereditary.  Unfortunately in women our collagen and elastin structure is very different than in men, our fibres are in vertical lines meaning when we get enlarged fat cells they can bulge through the fibres giving a dimpled appearance and weaken the fibres whereas in men their fibres are in a lattice pattern so fat cells are less likely to bulge through as they are kept in place with this crossed network of collagen and elastin. Other causes are stretching of the skin, this can be through pregnancy or fad diets where the weight fluctuates or simply being overweight where the skin structure can no longer support the weight therefore the elasticity loses the elastic effect.

  • Venus Freeze and how it can help fix it…

Many beauty fads come and go but we have found one of the best technologies that does work.  Bear in mind there are many different machines on the market with the greatest claims to fix us but having worked in different countries using different types of equipment, I was pleasantly surprised when I came upon the Venue Freeze and to my belief it still remains one of the most safest, effective and long lasting treatments in the beauty industry to treat cellulite and poor skin tone on the face and body.  This treatment utilises radio frequency and magnetic therapy to tighten firm and tone the skin.  It can be used on the face, legs, bums, tums and arms just about anywhere that needs tightening or contouring.  The effects on cellulite reduction and skin tightening has been well documented and we have experienced the same whilst treating clients here in the Clinic.

Venus freeze stimulates new collagen, tightens fibres and reduces the focal fat so we have less bulging and skin is firmer and dimpling is reduced.  The effects of Venus Freeze on cellulite are enhanced with a balanced diet and exercise and increasing water intake daily.

Venus Freeze can be used on face, neck, arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks and each treatment takes 30 minutes and recommended in a course of 8 to 10 treatments for optimum results.

Facial treatment costs €99 and €110 per body area.

The conclusion I’ve come too is that although, we cannot get rid of it there is good news you can improve the appearance of it and love your body with the help of a well balanced diet, plenty of liquids and the fabulous Venus Freeze.