Stop being so hormonal post pill

Is your skin addicted to the Contractive Pill?  So what happens when you go cold turkey and the post-pill breakout battle begins…

This is a very common complaint and clients range from teenagers and young adults to mature clients.  For some women taking the pill is a necessity to halt the baby-making machine but for others particularly teenagers and young adults it has become a necessity to prevent acne breakouts.  Popping the pill provides a constant flow of fake hormones and when you halt the process this often means mayhem for the skin.

For those who take the no-pill plunge after a certain period, it is more than likely they will experience a break out and more often full-blown cystic acne – red, inflamed lumps that linger for long periods below the skins surface,   This has can have a detrimental effect on self-esteem and confidence.

So let’s take a closer look at our pores and how hormones affect them.

An increase in the androgen hormone causes the glands in the skin to secret extra oil (sebum) around the hair follicle.  Once the hair follicles are blocked, bacteria can accumulate followed with inflammation and clogged pores.  Dead cells that would normally rise to the surface of the skin will accumulate under the plugged pores, which prompts a bacteria found in sebum (demodex) to feast on the excess oil setting off an acne breeding cycle.  When you take the pill this gives your body extra estrogen, which suppresses the androgen hormone and over production of oil.  When you go off the Pill the oil levels skyrocket prompting a break out on the skin.

 When this occurs often drastic measures are taken and the hunt for over the counter quick solutions begin.  The no-pill plunge takes patience and a simple skincare routine designed to reduce inflammation that normally does the trick.  Firstly, it is always recommended that you visit a skin specialist who can analyse your skin  and put you on a simple home care routine  for long-term results.  There is also the option  to see your doctor if the problem persists after all other options have been exhausted.

As a skin specialist, I am only too aware of the effects these hormonal changes can have on the skin and we take all measures here at the Clinic to treat your skin with topical clinical skincare and advise you on the best possible treatments to get your back  to optimum skin health.

Meanwhile, If you are experiencing post pill break outs or any form of imbalances with your skin, avoid hitting the acne aisle in the pharmacy and pop in and see us for an informal chat or drop us an email to to see how we can help you.

I’ve listed a few solutions that we use on a daily basis in the Clinic that work amazingly on imbalanced hormonal skins.

Image Clear Cell Cleanser

This foaming salicylic-based gel cleanser gently but effectively removes makeup and eliminates excess oil while lightly exfoliating dead skin cells and keep the skin soft, smooth and shine free.  Great at reducing p acnes bacteria that are the root of many skin problems.

Image Mattifying moisturiser

A lightweight soothing moisturiser that revitalise irritated skin,  Vitamin B6 derivative improves skin’s overall healthy balance by usually minimising pore size, shine and sebum production as well as reducing the appearance of irritation.

Retinol A cream

We all know that Retinol is the holy grail for skin.  This blend of highly potent retinol and polypeptides resurface and visibly rejuvenate and repair the look of spots, acne prone skin and any imperfections that need seeing too.

My final word is your skin is alive, a very important functioning organ.  Treat it with care and it will eventually say a big thank you.