So Aileen, to go from being a full-time Beauty Therapist to just specialising in eyebrows, how did it all come about?

It was 2012 and I had being in the industry for over 10 years, I specialised in all aspects of waxing, skincare, nails and tanning. HD Brows was only after launching in Ireland and Karan wanted me to train with her, so we could offer the treatment at Ebano Ballinteer. We trained as HD Stylists up in Newry in July 2012. This is were my love for brows began.

What is HD Brows?

HD Brows stands for high definition eyebrows. It is a bespoke eyebrow treatment that is completely personalised to you, the client. It doesn’t matter how thick or thin nor dark or light you prefer to wear your brows, as we custom blend the colour and use precise hair removal techniques to achieve perfectly sculpted eyebrows. The whole process is a unique brow design that creates brows that complements you and your style.

Who is HD Brows suitable for?

HD Brows are suitable for someone who wants to maintain or enhance the structure of their natural brows. It’s a great treatment for clients who have over plucked their brows and wish to regain their natural brow shape. After a brow consultation we would recommend you go on our regrowth programme, where we will train your brows into shape over a course of visits.

So where did the need for Semi-Permanent Brows come from?

Not every client is in a position to regrow and regain their natural brows. Some clients don’t have a good natural brow to begin with. They may have good potential, a good template that may have regrown but might be still have heavy gaps within their brows, they may have thin tails or their start of their brow may have being lost through to over plucking. When the follicle is destorted, a healthy hair will never regrow from it. This is when we started recommending our HD Brow clients to look into semi-permament brows.

What exactly is Semi-Permanent Brows?

Semi-permanent eyebrows can give a natural, bold, high definition or soft look to any set of eyebrows without the requirment of hair being present. We use bespoke brow techniques to create the perfect set of eyebrows, by placing pigment superfically into the epidermis. There are many forms of Semi-permanent make-up from digital machine, Phibrows, Epibrow, Embroidery, Embroidery, Micro blading and the list goes on…. As an expert trained in all techniques listed I get to choose the preferred method to suit not only my clients desired outcome but also that I am trained in skin I can take into consideration my clients skin type and other factors that will allow their semi-permanent brows to last longer.

How do you decide which method to use to achieve the perfect set of brows for your clients?

I always start by deciding what skin type my client has, whether it is oily, dry, combination or normal. Pigment will hold up to 70% better in dry skin as apposed to an oily skin type. I always take into account what products my client uses on their skin  and then if they are get any professional facial treatments done. There are many different techniques of semi-permanent brows which work on different levels of the skin, so I always ensure that I take these factors into consideration as one method does not suit all. I have to ensure I can achieve a result that will surpass my clients lifestyle.

What is your favourite method of brows you offer to your clients?

I love Micro blading, Micro blading is a form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing placing pigment into the skin with the use of a fine bladed hand held tool. The tool and chosen blade creates hair like strokes to mimic the apperance of a natural looking brow, lasting anything from six to eighteen months all depending on the skin type and post care.

Who is Micro blading for?

Microblading is most suited to those who wish to restructure, define, cover or fill over plucked brows. It’s an amazing natural looking treatment for those that have suffered full brow loss from a medical condition such as alopecia, trichotillomania etc. Ideal for those that want to create a natural, realistic set of eyebrows. Micro blading is not a replacement for make up as the strokes appear fine and hair like as apposed to a powdered brow look.

Why did you decide to train in so many different concepts of Semi-Permanent make-up?

Everything treatment we offer from the Salon or Clinic, Karan always researches to the maximum. It was her that first trained in soft tap, embrowdery, digital, ombre, micro blading to see what would not only give our clients a fabulous set of brows leaving our clinic but a set that would hold the pigment colour implanted and also fade well if they didn’t wish to maintain them. Every concept she trained in, she insisted I trained in so I could also understand. Through our research it has lead us to be trained experts and attract a huge following from all over Ireland for not only bespoke brow treatments but correction work too.

So tell us what’s next to launch in the brow world?

I’m not allowed say, we’re currently practising a new bespoke technique to launch in 2018, but I can  assure you that brows are becoming more and more an essential feature to enhance our face and surrounding features. We are excited to be leaders within the brow industry,  make sure you keep following our transformations and brow journey on our social media platforms. We have alot of exciting brow news to share.

Much Luv Aileen X