So Elaine, you started at Ebano Ballinteer 9 years ago, where were you at in your hairdressing career?

It was late 2008, I was a third year hairdresser and I came in to the salon to have a treatment done in the beauty salon. After I left the salon I called the phone and asked was there any jobs available,  I loved that everyone was young but already such perfectionists. It all went from there….. I had being in the industry since I was 14, I wanted to become the best hairdresser I could be and loved that Ebano Ballinteer constantly focused on education. I knew I could grow my passion and that I did.

What is your most requested treatment at Ebano Ballinteer?

I have built a huge clientel over the past 9 years. What I’m busy every week doing is creating bespoke color. I love highlights, freehand color, anyting that allows me to be creative.  I love looking after my regulars and I love when they are open to change and challenge my creativity. I have trained in all aspects of color with REDKEN and I’m always in search of the latest color craze so I can give it to my clients as an option before its trending. They love that were always ahead of our game and my thing is I never assume what my client wants, you hear this too often still in our industry “the same as the last time”. We were always taught to ask so what would you like to change? It gives our clients the option to either stick to what they love about their hair or the option to change.

Color aside my second love is looking after our brides, it’s such a special request when your clients wishes for you to be apart of their big day!

So what are brides looking for this season?

Alike all activities that are surrounded by a camera these days, brides are looking to be picture perfect though in a much more relaxed effort. This summer alot of my brides went for Boho waves, braids and simple tails. The natural look is the most requested trend this season, letting hair speak for itself!

What is on the agenda for you next Elaine?

I’m always trying to better myself, even though it’s busy being a mammy to my two boys and working a full collumn I always take time to educate myself inside and outside the salon. Next on my list is what ever direction Karan pushes me in. We all have our niches but just as we get comfy within them, the boundries are pushed out again and again. If I suggest a trend is coming she will suggest begin ahead of the trend. I just want to be the best version of myself, I want to give my clients the hair they dream of and be always over achieving their expectations.

So how do new clients book in with you, if you have a clientele of 9 years already following you?

Be organised, it took me years to fill my collumn and have such a big clientele. I’m really proud of that and have worked hard for it, though I always pull out all the stops to facilitate an emergency for my regulars. Though I do see it is getting more difficult to do, nothing is impossible but being organised allows everyone including me to relax and experience all aspect of the salon. At least 80% of my regulars book on leaving, so the best step if your a new cliebt to the salon is book a 15 minutes consultation with me (organise this 3-4 weeks before needing your color done). From here we will scedule an appointment for you, knowing exactly what your hair needs are.


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Much Luv Elaine X