We are increasingly noticing teen skins coming into us with a lot of congestion under the skin, in layman terms, the skin feels bumpy and uneven in texture. It can be dull to look at and can have the appearance of enlarged pores and comedones more commonly known as blackheads. In teenage years acne can develop which can be a huge concern for adolescents. We are going to go through small steps in your routine that will  show big improvements within your skin.


Small steps to help your skin:

  • To begin stop picking or squeezing comedones, pustules and papules(spots above and under the skin). Picking your skin and cause more damage which can result in inflammation within your pore and end up with your skin looking worse off. If there are pustules, squeezing these can then spread the bacteria in your skin and cause more harm such as scarring.
  • After sports if you don’t have time to immediately shower make sure that you are washing your face with a cleanser and removing any sweat or greasiness from your skin. Include your face, neck and back of your neck in this.
  • Avoid Micellular water. They are a NO NO, they are ideal for the catwalk as an easy and quick way to fix and remove make up, it is not for daily use. Companies bulk up their micellar water with drying alcohols, fragrances and harsh preservatives for the purpose of prolonging shelf-life.  You are not cleaning your skin you are just moving dirt, grime and oils around on the skin. So if you’re using only micellar water to cleanse and are seeing some congestion (ie. blackheads, whiteheads), now you may know the culprit!
  • Face wipes are also a quick fix. Face wipes are what we call sinful!! Firstly they do not cleanse your skin effectively, they contain irritating and drying ingredients, they are bad for the skin around your eye area, they cause your skincare routine to be less effective.
  • Cleaning your make up brushes is so important as these are harvesting grounds for bacteria. Running them across a baby wipe is not going to do a whole lot. To kill the bacteria, they need to be thoroughly disinfected with something antibacterial.
  • Ensure you are drinking 2litres of water every day really is essential to rid your body of any unwanted toxins and as a result clears your skin of any dirt and bacteria.

Daily Routine we would recommend:

We are picking our TOP 4 products that are a solid skin routine that helps to balance and improve your skin with all the ingredients we have incorporated. Keep your routine basic and use nothing which would be too strong on your skin which could cause your skin to become irritated.

  • Wash daily morning and evening with a foam cleanser, we recommend Image Skincare Ormedic Facial cleanser as it is gentle yet really cleans the skin and removes all make up and dirt from the skin. It is perfect for boys and girls and great to wash your skin with after sport. 
  • An oil free SPF is essential to protect your skin. Image Skincare matte SPF 32 is matte suitable for boys and girls as it isn’t thick or shiny, and it sinks right into the skin. It helps protect skin from all the elements and something your skin will thank yourself for in years to come. 
  • A nice light serum preferably oil free at night time gives your skin hydration and helps heal any redness you might have there is any spots. We love the Image Skincare Iluma Serum as it is oil free and contains vitamin c to heal the skin, and really illuminates and hydrates.
  • If there is a need for a Salicylic wash we would recommend Image Skincare Clear Cell Clarifying Gel Cleanser as this helps to dissolve and eliminate excess oil within your skin. It would be used as a second cleanse to really deeply clean the pores and prevent black heads and congestion forming. It also gently exfoliates dead skin cells and keeping skin smooth soft and shine free.

 Is there any treatments that are good to help with congestion?

Simple steam and extractions is perfect as it is a deep cleaning facial and helps to unclog pores by removing congestion like we were speaking about earlier.

We offer steam and extraction for €40 and a 30 minute treatment, it is highly effective. We recommend this initially as there tends to be a build up of black heads and congestion within the skin.

Are you suffering with Acne?

Improving your skin care routine will help improve your skin, but here we take a 360 degree approach to skincare and are firm believers of what you put into your body reflects on the outside aka your skin.

Skin Accumax is a skin care supplement designed specifically for your skin to combat acne or people who are prone to break outs in their skin. It is made up of Vitamin A,C & E  and is combined with a photo nutrient known as DIM. DIM maintains healthy looking skin and a flawless complexion. Accumax turns off the enzyme that stimulates acne, It is becoming one of the most result driven natural ways to clear acne. We recommend that you initially take 2/4 capsules of Skin Accumax for at least 14 weeks for problematic skin to see results and then 1 per day for maintenance. It is suitable for over 16 year olds and is a daily skin supplement to be taken with food. It is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Book in with one of our skin experts today to find out what is best for your skin , whether it is to get a treatment done or to simply get some advice on adapting a good home care routine