Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a wonderful way of providing instant length, volume and style to your own hair. The hair extensions we offer  provide every hair type, length and colour. The application method involves no heat, glue, no keratin which in result leads to no damage to the natural hair. At Ebano  we have over 12 years experience with hair extensions, we have worked with most methods, hair brands and applications. As a result we work with 3 types of extensions, our stylist can recommend what is best for you depending on your own natural hair and the look you are trying to achieve.

We require a consultation prior to getting your extensions done as this is where we can help you choose what type of extensions would suit you best and how many we would recommend for your hair. 

Platnium extensions 

Half head €299

3/4 head €399

Full head €499

Hair talk tape extensions

Hair talk side fill €250
Hair talk half head € 299
Hair talk 3/4 head €450
Hair talk full head €750 
Hair talk side refit €100
Hair talk half head refit €150 
Hair talk 3/4 head refit €175
Hair talk full head refit €199
Hair talk removal €15-30
Gold fever priced on consultation