We want you to have the very best waxing experience with expertise and precision. We use Waxperts wax which offers maximum hygiene, minimum discomfort and soothing aftercare. Waxperts Wax is formulated to use on all skin types, including the most sensitive of skin. It was developed to easily remove even the strongest hair growths, as painlessly as possible.

For the face:

Eyebrow wax €13

Lip wax €10

Chin wax €10

Lip and chin wax €19

Side of face

For the body:

Underarm €16

Half arm €22

Full arm €25

Half leg €22

Upper leg wax €25

3/4 leg €28

Full leg €35

Bikini line €20

Californian €30

G-string €35

Brazilian €40

Hollywood €45

Back or Chest €35

Shoulder €20

Back and chest €55

Back, chest and shoulders €65

Note: 24 hour patch test is essential before waxing appointments if you have not been with us before.