Glow Masks


Relax & unwind with the powerful aroma of jasmine. Proven to help with anxiety and sleep, as well as improved mood, Glow masks are the perfect addition to any lifestyle and night time routine.

Glow masks are suitable for the whole family and can be used from age 5 to 105! The jasmine aroma stimulates a calm and rejuvenating environment so you can feel more like you. The Glow Mask can even be worn overnight and can help create a dark and comforting environment to help you get a deeper and more effective nights sleep.

There are so many ways to use your Glow Masks and incorporate them into your life. Make them part of your nightly wind-down, use them while travelling, pop them in your suitcase for any trip so you can always feel relaxed and right at home. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the plane or train and grab a few moments of tranquility to get you in holiday mode.

Blue light can leave our eyes tired and sensitive and even cause tension headaches! These self-heating masks can help to release tension around the eyes and temples which can be caused from stress or working with screens.

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5 Glow Masks in each box.

Each mask is single use only.

Glow Masks are made from non woven fabric, needle punched cotton, iron powder, water & activated Carbon.