MySkincare Facial Brush Cleanser



MySkincare facial cleansing brush is a 3 speed settings, battery operated wireless home cleansing system. We recommend you add this device into your cleansing routine. Electrical Facial brushes have been around for years and have been proven to cleanse the skin up to six times more deeply and effectively, than using hands alone or any beauty cloth.

They are designed to remove make-up, improve skin tone & refine pores. This battery operated device is charged to last 1 full week, if it’s used daily for 90 seconds.

It comes with a drying stand, so you can have it to hand each morning. This unit is  fully waterproof and can be used daily in the shower.

Our facial brush has the option to change heads for a deeper cleanse or to remove dead skin cells. There is a silicon head for a more sensitive skin types and a massage head for some relaxation at home.

This facial @ HOME brush is ideal to adapt into the most basic skin routine or the most advanced skincare routine making them a must-have beauty gadget for any skincare lover.

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